Project Management

The state of the art project management tools in Glue helps you get more work done, quicker and better than ever before. Glue gives a clear visibility into project details to make sure that you never miss a task or deadline.


Create rooms to discuss any topic with your colleagues who share similar interests. The room customization options in Glue help you manage the content and visibility of the rooms exactly the way you want.

You can also have private chats with room members, share files, room posts or polls through chat and make discussions more lively and interesting than ever before.

Quick chat

Instantly send messages or files to your colleagues and get instantaneous responses. Whether you need a one-to-one chat or a group conversation, Glue chat will be a one stop solution for all your communication needs at work.


Are you looking for a way to keep track of your employee's daily activities at work? With Glue, employees can create daily activity reports and send it to their superiors for approval. The leave management module lets you track and manage employee leaves with efficiency.

Cloud service integration

Glue is designed to work seamlessly with the tools that your teams already know and love- Google Dive, Dropbox, Box and much more. With an inbuilt storage page of 20gb along with flawless integration with a growing number of applications, File storage is no more a matter of worry.


Create polls to gauge the opinion of your colleagues on any topic of interest. Gain complete control over the polls you create by managing the audience of the poll and deciding when the result of a poll is to be published. The innovative customization options help you make intelligent usage of the advantages of opinion polling.


Discover the true potential of a calendar through the smart calendar in Glue. Helping you organize your schedule, get notifications on your important activities on a day, send invitations to your colleagues for a meeting and much more, the Glue calendar serves as a perfect personal companion.

Guest lounge

You can easily communicate and share files with people outside your organization, including your clients, through the Glue guest lounge. With instant project updates and quick service and support through chat, your clients will love working with your team

Easy Post

Post messages and other contents in Glue rooms, chat groups or project groups from an external source even without logging into Glue. The content will be posted in Glue immediately and instant notifications will be sent to your colleagues in Glue. Notifying your teammates about server updates, project builds etc. is just a click away with Glue

Stay connected always through your mobile device

The Glue mobile application for Android and iOS lets you stay updated and participate promply in everything happening in your office through live activity feeds and message notifications. With Glue mobile app you can always stay in the loop with your colleagues anytime anywhere.