Glue is a collaboration suite for enterprise that provides a highly secure platform for integrating and connecting enterprise functionalities.

Glue covers a wide range of services. The third party services integrated in Glue are as listed below.

File Management:
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Box
  • Red Mine
  • Jira
  • Google
  • Outlook
  • Sugar CRM
  • SalesForce

Apart from these, ‘Poll'’ is a built in feature provided by Glue.

Glue is a one stop solution for enterprise collaboration and hence this platform is basically meant for companies. A company needs to register with Glue initially to use it. After a Company has registered in ‘Glue’, it can be used by all the employees of that particular organization.

The data being shared in Glue is safe and secure and no third party is allowed to access the data without permission. Data is provided protection at the server level and data transfer is safe and secure since we use SSL for all communications.

Any company can start an account in Glue. In order to start an account, a user of that particular company has to sign up using an email account with the company domain name. Once this is done, that particular organization gets registered in Glue.

The administrator of a registered company can invite all the members of his/her organization. If needed, the users of the registered organization can sign up by for themselves using their company email id without any invite.

The person from the company who signs up for the first time will be by default set as the administrator.

No. Glue does not support access with free email service accounts. An email account in company domain name is necessary to sign up in Glue.


Users are allowed to do the following activities

  • Update status messages
  • Upload and share files, these can be text, audio or video files etc.
  • Create events
  • Create polls

Room is similar to a group. A user can create his/her room and can invite other members to join that room. Rooms can be used to hold various activities like discussions, creation of polls etc. within selected members.

Glass room, as the name suggests is visible to everyone whereas strong room is a closed and secure group whose membership and visibility criteria are managed by the room owner. Any user can join or view the Glass Room but a Strong Room can only be accessed by a user only if the room owner sends an invite to that user

Once a room has been created, there is an option for the room owner to invite members to that particular room. In case of Glass Rooms, users can send request to the room owner so as to join that particular room.

Strong rooms are not visible as such. One can join a strong room only if he/she gets an invite from the room owner.

To use third party services integrated in Glue, first you need to authorize with those services. You can authorize these services by going to the ‘settings’ options.

Third party services will be enabled only when you have authorized those services.

To get updates of your coworkers you need to first follow them. To follow a particular user you need to visit the profile of that user and click on the ‘Follow’ button.

Once you update your status, there is a drop down button to choose with whom you would like to share the update with. By default it has been kept as public. But if you want to share the update to specific coworkers click on the option ‘users’ and select the coworkers that you would like to add.

A notification appears when another coworker has opted to follow you. To view the complete list of followers, visit the users list.

To upload a file, click on the ‘Files’ option shown in your HomePage. Click on the File Upload icon. A new window appears where you can choose the file to be uploaded from your system. Here you have the option to select the service to which you would like to upload, whether ‘Google Drive’ or ‘Drop Box’.

Available space depends on the prescribed storage space limitations of the service being used, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Permission can be set accordingly so as to restrict the number of people who could view your documents. User could either set permission as ‘Public’, or can share it in a room or with selected users.

‘Poll’ is an in built service provided by Glue. It has been enabled by default for all users. Users can create poll by clicking on the ‘Poll’ option shown on the home page.

No. If you need to use these services, first you should create an account with respective services. Once an account has been created, then you can enable those third party services in Glue.